How can kettlebell make you fit?

Kettlebell or Russian girya is not an actual bell but exercise equipment that can transform your fitness and performance for better. It is a cast-iron or cast-steel weight that resembles a ball with a handle (please don’t get tempted to kick it). It is used by many athletes to improve their performance and by other people that engage in various exercise activities for health and fitness.

You probably saw few of them in your gym but you rarely see them being used by anyone. By using them I don’t mean just carrying them around, even if that is one of the actual exercises. But if you only knew how amazing that piece of equipment really is, you’d probably join our Kettlebell Bootcamp on Tooting Common right away. Or at least bought one for yourself and save money on gym membership.

One reason why no one is using kettlebells in the gyms is that they don’t come with “how to use” instructions printed on them and I haven’t seen many gyms offering kettlebell classes. That’s why I highly recommend joining Kettlebell Bootcamp near you. You will learn how to use it, see the benefits for yourself and have a great time with other members who will push you to go even harder than on your own.


Kettlebell benefits

1. Great aerobic exercise

They might be weights and you might think that as with any weights there is not much cardio work going on. That is wrong. Performing ballistic exercises in pre set time intervals followed by different exercise will raise your heart rate up and in 10 minutes you will burn more calories than you would with running for 30 minutes. Just go ahead and do swings for 30 seconds, followed by squat-press and press ups after that.


2. Increases your strength

And ladies, if you think it will make you bulky, it won’t. I guarantee. However, it will increase your muscular strength. As any resistance, it makes your muscles work harder and as a natural result of stress and recover, your muscles will get stronger and more efficient in day to day tasks. You will notice that carrying all that shopping does not feel as heavy as it did before.

3. Increase your sports performance

That especially includes runners. Ballistic exercises will increase your total power output for kicking a ball or taking another step while running, for example. Often I hear runners saying things like “I need to strengthen my glutes, core, hamstrings..” but it stays on that because often times they don’t know how. Well, join kettlebell boot camp, that’s how. Many exercises include your gluteus and hamstrings working and core stabilising your entire body.  It will teach your body how to better use and control your hips for most efficient and powerful force transfer between your legs and the rest of your body.


4. Reverse ageing, get younger

As we get older, naturally our muscle mass percentage decreases and fat percentage in our body increases. In other words, you get to carry more passive and useless weight but with less active muscle that does the actual job. Decreasing muscle mass is called muscular atrophy. However, kettlebell and any other resistance training actually reverse that, making your muscles grow and develop. Therefore if ageing means losing muscle mass and gaining fat, growing muscle and losing fat means getting younger. Older you are, more I recommend resistance training.


5. Fights osteoporosis

It is proven that resistance training increases bone density and bone health. That resistance includes kettlebells also. As I said before, our body responds to new challenges by improving and getting stronger so that the next time it has to do a similar task it does it easier. Same thing with the bones. Under the weight, they slightly bend and microscopic fractures are made which in return get fixed and slightly stronger than before, making them more dense.