• 1-hour nutrition advising
    £601-hour session
    • Nutrition assessment
    • 3-day food diary review
    • Setting your goals
    • Personalised meal plan for a week (if requested)
    • Basic nutrition education
  • Follow-up sessions
    £3530-min session
    • Review of your progress
    • New personalised meal plan (if requested)
    • Continued nutrition education
    • Further help


 On our first meeting, you will be able to discuss with me your goals and tell me more about your medical conditions and lifestyle. Also, I will assess your anthropometries such as weight, body fat percentage, BMI and visceral fat.

I will ask you about your general eating habits and we will fill up a 3-day food diary. With that, I will be able to see your current diet routine. Also, we will calculate your calorie and macronutrient requirement, tailor your personalised meal plan (if needed) and give you advice on how to improve your diet.

I will educate you on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, without extreme dieting and calorie restrictions. Also, you can expect my support, motivational emails or texts to keep you on track.