When to hire a personal trainer?

There are many great personal trainers who want to help you no matter what, regardless of obstacles you might be having between you and your goals. Speaking of your goals, many personal trainers specialise in different areas ranging from full body transformations to strength and conditioning, endurance, injury recovery and so on. Of course, every decent PT has some knowledge on each of the areas but really focuses on one or few that they are best at. For example, if you ask me to help you with preparing for the upcoming marathon, I could. I know a lot about how body works and how to train but if it’s something really important to you, I’d rather recommend you another PT who actually did some marathons themselves. What’s the point of me talking the talk if I didn’t walk the walk, although I do walk my walks every day, I just never run. 🙂

Personal training is about you and you only. That’s why it’s called “personal training”. That is my first advice to you. So now to answer the question in the title of this post, here are several reasons and situations in which you should hire a PT going from the most important to the least. This is to help you not waste your money and to get good value for your money as hiring a good PT can sometimes be a luxury.

1. Injury/surgery recovery

It really depends on the type of surgery or injury but if your health professional, (i.e. doctor) suggested you to do some form of exercise for your recovery, definitely go for a trusted personal trainer and your doctor might be able to refer you to one. Often times health professionals work with personal trainers for that very reason. Usually, those PTs have the additional qualification such as Level 3 Exercise Referral, so you can be sure they’re qualified. Asking for doctor’s referral might also save you some money as discounted prices are often involved in the referral scheme.

2. Lack of knowledge

Starting exercise on your own for the first time can be overwhelming. There are thousands of different exercises and hundreds of different ways to approach the exercise so of course, it can be hard and intimidating, not to mention going to the gym for the first time. To spare yourself from all this and also to avoid injury by doing the wrong exercises, hire a good and fun PT. They will encourage you and teach you well enough so that you can eventually start exercising on your own and with more confidence.

3. Specific weight loss/fitness/sport/event goals

Hire an expert for that, a personal trainer who will hold you by the hand and lead you through everything. Eat that, not that, do this exercise, rest this much and so on. They will have everything written and planned out for you and your goal specifically. If you can follow their plan by the letter, be sure that you will achieve your goal in no time. It won’t be easy, but it will be easier knowing what to do exactly.

4. Lack of discipline

If you find yourself often falling off track despite your firm decisions that you will do your exercise then you can hire a personal trainer. When hiring them you are committing to a certain time period or a number of sessions and they hold you accountable for your training. That’s just the first part. Your trainer will keep on motivating you and in the end, all that will turn into a good habit of exercising regularly.

5. To leverage your time

From running your own business to building your family I’m sure you already know the value of your time. Save it and hire a PT if you can and they will fit right into your schedule and will even come to your home, office or wherever you’d prefer. You will not only save time but will have a truly personalised workout that works best for you and will provide the best results. No more wasted time going to the gym, no getting stuck in traffic and being late, no packing your gym bag with spare clothes, towels and no spilt shampoos in your bag.


To conclude this post, hiring a personal trainer is very rewarding. You create new and healthy habits and you become more aware of your health and well-being.  You can learn a lot from your personal trainer so that eventually you can carry on exercising on your own (or not if you really enjoy their company). If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you. Subscribe to our newsletter and be first to see our new informative posts and delicious healthy recipes.