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  • I thoroughly enjoy Keep Fit with Antonio. He makes every class a little bit different by varying the routines. After 10 weeks I feel fitter, more lively and I have lost centimetres where I needed to lose them.

    Louise, 68
  • I really like it when Antonio remind us which muscle we should be using for each exercise, otherwise there can be a (lazy) tendency to go through the action without really focusing on the right muscle or muscle group for each exercise. I would recommend Keep Fit for everyone my age.

    Alexandra, 67
  • I’ve tried a lot of health coaches and personal trainers over the years but after a while, I’d usually get bored of the same routine or weird diets. With Tina and Antonio everything is easy. There is discipline and sweat (a lot of sweat) but I feel like I can do this for life.

    Maggie, 44
  • I was a bit sceptical about the in-home training but you have no idea how easy it is. No running and rushing in the morning to the gym, you can literally jump out of your bed and Antonio will wait for you in the living room. Also, I feel great, much fitter and definitely thinner. Hiring Antonio was one of the best decisions I’ve made!

    Sara, 30
  • There is one thing I’d suggest to everyone – educate yourself about diets and eating habits. I learned a lot from Tina’s sessions (and emails). And the most important thing, there was no dieting, just smart eating and BALANCE! If I can go back in time when I was starving myself I would give everything to have the knowledge that I have now. Thank you, Tina!

    Jane, 36
  • SweatEat have been amazing at helping an overweight man improve posture, manage knee arthritis, shed pounds and change my attitude to food! Antonio has always been supportive and patient with an excellent variety of exercises, and Tina in a non-preachy fashion has provided great ideas for eating and drinking. Highly recommended.

    Alex, 52

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Our goal is to share our knowledge and teach others how to stay fit and healthy without any extraordinary diets, crazy restrictions and yo-yo effects. We want to show you that food is something that can make you happy AND healthy at the same time.

Also how 45 minutes of training few times a week can make significant changes in your life starting with better health, more self-esteem, less stress and more energy. Book your first complimentary trial with us and we will show you how easy it is!

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